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5 Reasons Why This Unexpected Place Is a Must See for Cheap Travelers

Posted By nila on In the News - Although nearly eight million tourists visit Vietnam each year, less than 500,000 are from the United States. This is understandable as it is a daunting journey and many U.S. travelers may wonder how they might be treated there. I was more concerned about the heat and humidity than the reception I’d receive when I reluctantly […]

5 of the Best Value Destinations for Points and Miles Obsessed Families

Posted By nila on In the News - Families traveling on points and miles have several challenges to deal with that solo travelers or couples don’t: There is always the issue of earning and redeeming points for a family when only two people are old enough to get credit cards. As a result, most families travel in economy class and stay at low […]

When Frugal Travel Goes Wrong: 3 Cautionary Travel Tales

Posted By nila on In the News - While this may come as a surprise to many of you, I must admit that I was not always the suave and confident traveler that I am today. Rather, many of the skills I’ve learned in my life – from how to life-hack a trip, to maximizing points opportunities – were learned in part through […]

Alaska Partner Awards and How to Find Them

Posted By nila on In the News - Alaska Airlines MileagePlan is one of the best frequent flyer programs out there—especially in light of the AAdvantage devaluation and the recently announced changes that will go into effect, starting August 1, 2016. Earning Alaska miles is incredibly easy, thanks to credit cards like the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card and the Starwood Preferred Guest […]

Here’s How to Cleanse Your Credit Report of Those Pesky, Unwanted Accounts

Posted By nila on In the News - If your credit report is littered with credit card accounts that you’re not ultimately liable for you might be able to have them removed, simply by asking. Being an authorized user on an account means that the primary card account holder, perhaps a spouse or other family member, opened the account in their name and […]

2016 American Airlines AAdvantage Award Chart Changes

Posted By PointStrategist on In the News - There are quite a few changes coming to the Americans Airlines AAdvantage program on March 22, 2016.  In this article, we’re going to focus on the American Airlines AAdvantage award chart. The good: American has added a short haul reward (less than 500 miles). Redemptions in the Main Cabin and Business/First will be 40% less. US domestic flight conversions remain unchanged. Flights to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America will be 14%-17% lower (in two cabin aircraft). The Bad: In a three cabin aircraft, First Class seats cost 41% additional miles on average than in 2015. Trips to C